Thursday, April 6, 2017

Manhunt: The Ten Year Search For Osama Bin Laden

         While I was reading Manhunt, America was again, using extreme measures just to get the information that they needed. Like in the the last post, I'm extremely surprised by the arrogance that Osama Bin Laden had when He said that america was weak. Also, I felt very intrigued to the story line when Osama was being interviewed and denied that he was behind the 9/11 terror attacks, but once the camera was away, he confessed.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Manhunt: The Ten Year Search for Osama Bin Laden

        When I was reading Manhunt, I read about America and it's time interviewing people that had seen Osama. I was surprised to learn about the measures that America had to take to get the information. One person that America interviewed, Osama's #2 gave away a lot of the information that was needed to find Osama Bin Laden. this didn't make sense to me, until I found out that The interviewee didn't particularly like Bin Laden.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Manhunt-The Ten Year Search for Osama Bin Laden

        today I read Manhunt, and read about Osama Bin Laden. He was a big patriot, (if you consider Al Qaeda a patriotic thing) and would often teach his students to hate america. He also thought that America was weak, and often underestimated America's power. I was surprised by a lot of this, because I hadn't known much about Osama Bin Laden. I feel like he it was bit presumptuous of him to think that America was weak.

The Giver Movie/Book Dilemma

The book The Giver, by Lois Lowry has many twists and turns, but once you compare the book to the movie, there are a manifestation of changes that are waiting to be judged. I’m going to show you three reasons why the movie is better than the book. The three reasons that I’m going to share with you are the age difference, the conflict differences, the minor changes that simply make the movie better, and the ending.
The first thing that I’m going to talk about, as you could probably infer from the intro, is the age difference from twelve to sixteen. The age difference lets a ton of ideas manifest themselves as options for the movie. Some of them include the relationship between Jonas and Fiona, somewhat better actors, and a better representation of the characters. I agree with the director for this decision, just because it makes the movie a bit more realistic.
When I first saw the movie, I was happily surprised to see a new relationship between Jonas and Asher, especially that the movie set it up in such a great way. From asher being assigned as a drone pilot, to him not wanting to slide down the dome with Jonas and fiona, they did it wonderfully, and added a lot of suspense in terms of when asher saw jonas running away from the community.
Some of the more minor changes include fiona being a caretaker, instead of a caretaker of the old; Fiona being Jonas and Asher’s best friend, instead of a more distant character; the chief elder is more of a character and is much less ignorant than all of the other citizens in the community, where as in the book, the chief elder wasn’t necessarily a valid person that interferes with the plot; and the movie has a birthmark on the giver and receiver's wrists, instead of the conspicuous difference in eye color.
In the book, the ending was extremely inconspicuous to understand, and there are still many speculations on how the book ended. One of these speculations include death to hypothermia, which makes since considering that before death, hypothermia can lead to hallucinations. In the movie, that theory still lasts, but that still might not have happened. In the movie, the ending definitely makes a lot more sense, and doesn’t leave you at a complete cliffhanger.
Some people may say that the book is better because the book come straight from the author. That is true, but the movie still has a large aspect of the movie made by the author, Lois Lowry. She agreed with the director about the age change. She even admitted that the conflict of the chief elder and the giver should have been in the book, and wishes that she could go back and change that. I hope that these reasons have swayed your mind, and these are four reason why the movie is better than the book.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Triumph and Treasure

Thomas St. John, age 70, lives on a ranch in Templeton california, the same town that he grew up in. He still fishes to this day, and has a strong background in FFA. In his spare time, He usually just likes to fish, due to him being one of the ten people that still have fishing licenses in San Luis Obispo. He is a tall man with Wrinkly skin from age. He has Large blue eyes, that speak his long, empowering life.
Feb 22, 2017 8:24:38 PM.jpg

I texted my grandpa, last Wednesday, and asked him if he could come over to dinner, so that I Could interview him for a school project. He gladly accepted and came over the next day. My grandpa came to our house at about 5:00, and we sat down at a mahogany table, and we talked, for about 15 minutes. Then My sister’s ear started to bleed, because of her new earrings. We then walked outside in the daylight. He decided to sit at a table, and I decided to sit on a ottoman, looking across from each other, I then interviewed him for about 40 minutes, and It was calm and quiet.

How was Your time in Vietnam?
I was there for a year, and the most important thing was mostly mail call. They didn’t have Skype or Facetime, so this was really important. At the time that this was happening, It seemed like everybody was going to war. It just seemed like a way to serve the country. I always look back and think that I was lucky to come out of the war the way I did. I worked as a radio man, and flew in a lot of helicopters. This was called med-evacs. I was attached to mortars, Tanks and Amtraks. I worked my way from a lieutenant to a colonel Radioman, and I did very very well.

What was an example of your favorite past times?
I lived in a town (Avila Beach) of 300 people,  the school 36 Kids and 2 rooms. They had really strict teachers, because we needed it. We had a small town that we could just explore, an ocean on one side, a mountain on the other, and a creek surrounding the town. Everybody was free roaming, and often road bicycles. I remember getting my first radio. It only had one station, though any station was a good station. There used to be an indian village nearby, before the white settlers came,and so there were a lot of arrowheads. We spent a lot of time there trying to find some.

*sisters ear started bleeding*
What is your life story?
A friend of mine, we both had microscopes, and we would look at close to anything. All of the kids, were either fisherman, or help loading tankers. As a kid, I helped with the tankers, tying them up to the tanker boats. Soon, I started working on
fishing boats. My grandpa was a fisherman, my grandpa’s three kids were fishermen, and I don’t really know much else. we were looking for arrowheads, we were clamming, and it was just a great place to grow up

What was your funniest epidemic?
I've had a few humorous thing happen to me over the years, but one that just comes to mind is when i was in 6th grade. When I was little, I used to run everywhere I went. There was always this one hill, that made me tired. I thought, if I run down the hill, then I don’t get tired, but if I run up it, I do, so I then decided that I was going to ty to run up the hill backwards. So I started running as fast as I could, and right when I was going to say that this was actually somewhat of a good Idea, I ran straight into a car. I hit the car straight in the tailbone, and when my eyes weren’t blurry anymore, I saw the lady that always looked out from her houses blinds. I then looked at the ground, and saw two quarters. I then thought that I was somewhat lucky. I didn’t try that again.

How was your time in college?
I enjoyed college, I was very fortunate, and I started young, at seventeen. I had a few scholarships, none major, but chose to go to the Cal poly track and field team. the vietnam war had just started, and on the second year, I was drafted to the marine corps. When got out, I could get out 45 days sooner if I went to cuesta, and I felt like that was a good idea, so I did that, until they made me go away for taking all the classes, and then a went back to cal poly for three years, but I kept on changing scholarship, and then all a sudden, I had a daughter, (My mother) and that changed the world for me, so I got out of college and started a cabinet shop

I love my grandpa, and I often wish that I could see him more, but to me, he is a role model and a half. I was surprised to learn about what things he did back then, and I now have many ideas to what I can do whenever I’m bored. I’m glad that I was able to this project, and it gave me insight towards what life was like back then.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

History of Trampolines Pt3

        The use of the trampoline was also stretched to the use of American and Soviet astronauts, meanwhile, he barely missed a place on the American Olympic swim team.  he then went to the military for two years and served as navigator on a destroyer. as the first rebound tumbling competition came up, Nissen kept promoting his invention and met a dutch aerial acrobat and got married in 1951.